This hair doesn't need a Bumpits

Woke up with a strange and enormous poof in my hair...

Which means the Chocolate Cookie Situation put on by SF Food Wars went down Sunday afternoon at Mighty in SOMISSPO (If you don't know, better ask somebody!)

After a night of dancing at Butter on Friday, I fell asleep with visions of sweet cream butter and sugar dancing in my head. The next morning I set out to bake enough cookies to feed 250 cookie lovers. 10 hours, 4lbs of chocolate, and one jumbo jar of Skippy (smooth!) peanut butter later, I was done! After the first couple of batches I was on autopilot and with the company of my best friend in the kitchen, it was a piece of...cookie.

As the 20 cookie competitors began setting up Sunday morning I was happy to see mine was the only one with peanut butter and that all the bakers' creations looked (and mostly tasted) amazing and unique. The Pants on the Ground Cookies simultaneously, stood out and fit right in, with the competition.

Thanks SF Food Wars for such a fun cookie-loving event and letting me share my cookies with people that truly appreciate a bangin' cookie.

Created by Ms. Jen Kuropat

...Plus, proceeds from ticket sales go to the SF Food Bank.


  1. yeah! the way the chocolate chunks melt into the peanut butter is just like pants dropping on to the ground - mmm, sexy cookies!

  2. Thanks guys!! and well said, Jen.


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