Cookie Competition Prep

It has become obvious as I sit in the office nine to five, five days a week, that my college escapades are over.

And so, here begins the blog on my new self-indulgent escapades....

in the kitchen on my quest to make a career out of baking. My goal is serious but probably as bad for my health as my college antics were, replacing booze with butter.

My path is not yet known, but it seems my first stop will be at SF Food Wars Chocolate Cookie Situation. My Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookie recipe has been perfected but the pressure is on to mix and bake so that each cookie (100 + of them) may reach its full potential of chewy deliciousness.

Here is one of the two crucial ingredients (5lbs of it!)

Guittard Dark Chocolate Chunks from Berkeley Bowl
Since the 'Chocolate Cookie Situation' competition pays homage to the party antics of JWOWW & The Situation from The Jersey Shore, the cookies are officially entered as Pants on the Ground Cookies. Not only will bakers be battling for the best cookie title but also out on the dance floor, fist-pumping Jersey style. Wish me luck!

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