We're having an Indian summer in San Francisco. It's well in to October and I just catered my fifth event! It was in the warm sun at Alamo Square park. Luckily the French macarons were eaten up before the buttercream filling completely melted out.

I imagine this past summer was my last with real weekends off. So I wakeboarded and caught up with friends and family and catered just enough events with my baked goods to keep me very happy.

These French macarons for the Konevich/Hunter engagement party, not to be confused with coconut macaroons, didn't come easy though.

Three nights before the event I started making batches of these little cookies. I've successfully made them before (though always a little thicker than desired.) But last week it was complete and utter fail after fail. I'd really like to blame it on the humidity from the first real rain of the year. But who really knows!? Leading up to making these, I read blog entry after blog entry from professionals about the best techniques and myths. (Go to David Lebowitz blog and check out his list of helpful blogs, recipes etc.) I read over and over BraveTarts recipe, tips and myths. And she convinced me to use her recipe, but, the macarons had no feet. Though they were otherwise perfect in texture, thickness and shininess. Maybe I over-mixed? I'd like to try her recipe again and macaranoage my batter less, but this time I had no time to experiment.

I went back to my amazing Tante Marie's teacher, Cindy's Muschet's recipe, which she said is the only reliable recipe she has ever come across in her entire life. I made three batches: the first, perhaps I over-mixed the whipped egg whites with the almond mixture. They were the correct height and shinyness but had air between the top of the cookie and the bottom. (Always my problem with her recipe.) The second, perhaps under-mixed; I got my usual too-thick cookies. The third batch I felt great about. Then I popped them in the oven and they exploded. each little cookie blew it's insides out....

I did get enough cookies with feet to cater and the guests went wild over them. However, I will continue on this journey to macaronage, defined as the art of making macarons, as many have before me and many will after me...

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